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Our beers

Gamme sympathique

Our Gamme Sympathique includes 4 classic beers styles from around the world that will meet the expectations of all beer lovers.

Gamme connaisseurs

Our Gamme Connaisseurs will bring joy to any the craft beer fan looking for stronger ales brewed with bold flavors.

Gamme passion

The beers in the Gamme Passion family have been carefully chosen and crafted to have you discover specific beer styles from around the globe.

Gamme grands connaisseurs

The Gamme Grand Connaisseurs introduces four beer styles that were chosen to push the limits of flavor intensity as well as ABV.

Gamme festive

The Gamme Festive presents two beers offered in 750 ml whose tasteful and visual positioning is reminiscent of certain wines. They have been developed with a particular purpose to create beautiful food-beer pairings.

Gamme Déglutenisée

After several years of research and development and testing, we are very proud to present our range of deglutened beers; good beers, without compromise!

Gamme JU

Brewed with extracts of real fruits, the beers from the Ju Line offers a hint of tartness. Quite dry, their fruity aspect makes them highly refreshing.


These Cheval Godet beers are brewed under license from, and under the supervision of, Belgian brewer Damien Demunter of Belgo Sapiens.

Dating back to the 17th century, the Cheval Godet, or Godet horse, is an integral part of Nivelles’ folklore.

Gamme fruits

The 4 beers in the Gamme Fruits are seasonal. They are brewed once a year, usually at the beginning of a season. Our three fruit pales ales always have a balance between the presence of hops and fruits. The Dark ale aux petits fruits is a beautiful comforting ale developed for winter times. It can also be drank hot!

Savage series

This series presents refined beers that are always fermented with 100% wild yeasts. Some of them benefited from some aging in oak barrels.

Gift boxes

Perfect gift idea for all occasions and available in limited quantities while stocks last!

Gamme spiritueux

Our Gamme spiritueux offers balanced and round ales that are some of Canada’s strongest beers.

Laboratory series

Our brewers received the green light to experiment with small test batches. They use these to explore different brewing techniques and combine all kinds of ingredients, traditional or otherwise. Now, we’re sharing the results with you in our Laboratory Series. Discover the fruits of their labours and experience the possibilities of brewing science — one beer at a time!
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