Dive into the story of Brasseurs du Monde, our brewing adventure that started in 2011.

Over a decade ago, a circle of beer enthusiasts, bound by friendship and a common passion, ignited the fires of creativity to craft extraordinary craft beers. Driven by the belief that authentic flavors can create magical moments, they laid a solid foundation based on conviviality and excellence. The beginnings were humble, with a core group of friends and supporters who were the first to savor our creations and encourage our pursuit of excellence. Each new brew marked a collective advancement, and word of mouth about our commitment to quality quickly spread our reputation.

Over time, our brewery has not only been committed to innovating and diversifying its range of beers but has also forged lasting connections with our land and community. We prioritize local ingredients, support local initiatives, and come together for festive moments that celebrate our common passion.

Since 2023, a new era has begun for Brasseurs du Monde with its integration into the Grandio Group, bringing a breath of renewal that will propel the brewery towards new horizons.

Grandio Group, known as the Creators of Good Times, brings its expertise and innovative vision to enrich our heritage and open exciting prospects for the future.


Our Expertise

For a long time, our passion for beer and brewing expertise has deep roots in the local terroir. We’ve witnessed countless brews, each bearing witness to our dedication. And it’s with pride that since 2011, we decided to dedicate our art to those closest to us: you, our community.

At Brasseurs du Monde, our mission goes beyond simply brewing beer: it’s about honoring and celebrating our world — the people here who breathe life into everything we do.

You are the inspiration for our creations.

Our family and expertise have expanded over time. Today, our commitment is to continue offering you exceptionally crafted beers, reflecting our home, for you, our world, our pride.

Because it is together, in the rhythm of bubbles and sharing, that we make Brasseurs du Monde a celebration of our community.

Spotlight on Dominic: Vice President of Production & Head Brewer

After studying psychology, management, and brewing, Dominic Charbonneau has accumulated over 17 years of experience in the beer industry. But what motivates someone like Dominic Charbonneau to invest so much in the brewing field? A brief discussion with him is enough to know that it’s passion: the passion to continue serving the community through his art.

In 2006, at Saint-Bock in Montreal, Dominic began his career as a professional brewer. Just five years later, he took part in the founding of Brasseurs du Monde to take on new challenges.

Since 2011, he has carefully orchestrated and crafted each brew you acquire, with the help of his team, inspired by current trends, his travels, and his research. Through a rigorous and well-constructed quality program, he validates the products at every stage of production and ensures that the beer you savor is of the highest possible quality.

The future of the microbrewery lies in quality and product management. Quality must be controlled, monitored, and managed for products of the best possible quality for the consumer. Brewing beer is a multidisciplinary science that must be studied and optimized at every stage of production.
– Dominic Charbonneau

Not surprisingly, Dominic is deeply involved in the industry, both at the level of the Association of Microbreweries of Quebec (AMBQ), the Master Brewers Association of America (MBAA), and as a judge for the Beer Judge Certification Program, to advocate for the importance of quality, beer education, and the consistency of every consumed beer.

Is your beer good? It’s because you’re tasting the result of hard work, brewed by a dedicated team, led by a dedicated person.

Thank you for your passion, Dominic. We are proud to have you on the team!