L’Exploité is a mellow and sweet moka stout. The word “stout” first emerged during the 18th century, apparently used to differentiate stronger porters that were typically tastier and drier than usual. During this period, semi-sweet and low alcohol dark beers were often consumed by London`s dock workers, who were also known as “Porters.” Exploited by merchants and importers, paid per unit carried, Porters worked hard, barely stopping to have a full meal, preferring instead to drink a sweet, low alcohol beer, often the cheapest one, which came to be known “Porter’s beer”.

Coffee and cocoa beans began appearing in England during this era. Porters frequently had to carry heavy bags of these products for merchants who were making a fortune processing these beans. The first coffee, an arabica variety, was primarily imported from the port city of Mocha in Yemen and had a subtle cocoa aroma.

In tribute to these exploited porters who carried thousands of coffee bags on their broken backs, coffee was included in this beer. As in many parts of the world, the word mocha is associated with a flavor combination of coffee and chocolate, so we added some locally processed cocoa beans as well, since porters must have surely carried their share of these cocoa bean bags too. A bit of lactose and a touch of vanilla have also been added to complement these flavours.

L’Exploité presents mellow and complex notes of torrefaction ranging from roasted nuts to burnt caramel, incorporating Mocha coffee and sweet dark chocolate. The low bitterness and alcohol bite are wrapped in the residual sugars, which balances and smoothes the flavors in your mouth.

** Contains lactose.