Who is Brasseurs du Monde?

  • An emerging player in the fast growing world of microbreweries.
  • Our brewing style goes from easy to drink beers, developed for the general public, to strong and generous beers, appreciated by a growing number of consumers.
  • Craft beer enthusiasts.
  • We cummulate more than 60 years of experience in the brewing industry.
  • This enables us to respond to the constantly changing demands of consumers.
  • Nearly 50 employees.
  • 82 medals for 33 beers including 4 world championships
  • Brasseurs du monde is working is slowly making it’s way among the best brewers in the world.

Point of sale

2200 Point of sale

Our production

100% natural beers made from malted barley, with occasional, specific ingredients, always natural, that allow us to achieve a desired style or a particular taste.

  • We brew 5,000 liters at a time in a state-of-the-art brewing system.
  • We have 11 fermenters.
  • A bottler with rotating head of Italian origin dedicated to 500 ml bottles.
  • A bottling machine with rotating head of Italian origin allowing us to produce different formats.
  • A double-row canning machine (2 x 4 heads).
  • Our current production capacity is over 14,000 hl / year.
  • Our products are distributed to more than 2,200 retailers and nearly 300 restaurants and bars in Quebec.

We offer a complete selection of beers that meet consumer expectations.

  • 23 regular beers
  • More than 60 beer brewed annually or occasionally: Gamme Fruits, Hors-Séries, marques privées, etc.
  • More than 20 beers in the Réserve du Picoleur
  • 10 retailers of the concept “La Réserve du Picoleur – Le Cellier”